This course is divided into two sections, the Drama Triangle and the Cycles of Abuse.  In section 1, the drama Triangle, you will learn to have a better awareness of what it means to be a victim, rescuer, and persecutor in relationships as well as what it means to not take on those roles.   In section 2, you will learn to recognise red flags for abuse and green flags for safety in relationships.  As you gain new skills, awareness and confidence to remain “yourself”, you will gain confidence being on your own and attracting healthy relationships to you - both personally and professionally.

In this course, you will read two or three sections of a Bridges for Women publication called Bridges to Understanding: A Guide to Overcoming the Impacts of Abuse on Employability.  You will also become familiar with the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, financial, and substance use related impacts of abuse on employability.  Finally, you will begin the process of integrating information, skills and action to help recognize and heal from the impacts of violence, abuse, and/or neglect.

The objective of this course is to first describe co-dependence and second, to talk about core beliefs about relationships.  In this way, we can unlearn old ways of coping and learn new ways to bring energy, friendship, love and opportunities into our lives.